Hitachi Introduces Digital Archiving Solution

Jun 13, 2006

Hitachi Data Systems, provider of Application Optimized Storage solutions and a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., has released a digital archiving solution, the Hitachi Content Archive Platform. The Hitachi Content Archive Platform is an active archive solution comprised of both software and hardware, which supports policy-based integration from distributed or centralized repositories such as email, file systems, databases, applications, and content or document management systems. The Hitachi Content Archive Platform ensures secure retention, preservation, and verifiable destruction of content.

The Hitachi Content Archive Platform uses open, standards-based interfaces such as NFS, CIFS, WebDAV, and HTTP as well as storage management standards such as SMI-S. In addition, the Hitachi Content Archive Platform stores files in their native form with original names to ensure access to and retrieval of data over time. The Hitachi Content Archive Platform scales to over 300 terabytes and supports 350 million files per archive, and can scale linearly with additional capacity. Using Hitachi storage functionality such as RAID in a storage area network (SAN) + array of independent node (SAIN) architecture, the Hitachi Content Archive Platform has 4 gigabytes of cache per server.

The Hitachi Content Archive Platform provides an archive tier of storage where aged data on primary storage can be moved. Working with Hitachi TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform or Network Storage Controller intelligent virtual storage controllers, data in the active archive can be offloaded to ATA, SATA storage. Hitachi customers will be able to monitor, report on, and control the entire Hitachi Data Systems tiered storage infrastructure, including the Hitachi Content Archive Platform, from a single management interface.