Hippo Introduces Relevance Module

Dec 17, 2012

Hippo announced the launch of Hippo CMS 7.8 and its new Relevance Module. Hippo puts marketers in charge of creating and maintaining contextualized experiences across the customer journey covering web, mobile, and social channels.

Hippo CMS 7.8 utilizes progressive profiling to contextualize all stages of the customer journey:

  • Persona. Marketing teams that are using personas can aggregate visitor characteristics and segments to define personas from within the CMS. Hippo Personas are dynamic to accommodate different modes a visitor might be in when interacting with digital properties.
  • Personal History. Organizations which have a known or authenticated audience can target based on explicit information from third party solutions, such as CRM systems or transactional systems like eCommerce or booking engines.
  • Situation. Hippo CMS gives marketers the power to target content and banners based on context, session and device information. Among these capabilities are targeting based on geo-targeting, targeting based on time and day, referral information, search keywords, new vs. returning visitor.