Highly Reputable Email Senders See 20% More Messages Delivered to the Inbox

Jun 22, 2017

Return Path released its Sender Score Benchmark Report. Using data from Sender Score and Return Path’s Reputation Network, the new report analyzes a sample of more than 4 trillion email messages to investigate and measure the impact of reputation on inbox placement.

The Sender Score Benchmark Report reveals that highly reputable email marketers are far more likely to reach their intended audience on a consistent basis. For example, senders scoring 91-100 (the best possible reputation score) saw 92% of their messages delivered to the inbox. This figure drops to 72% for senders scoring 81-90, and 45% for senders scoring 71-80. For senders scoring 70 or below, only a small fraction of messages were actually delivered.

Spam complaints provide a strong indication to mailbox providers that messages are unwanted. As such, complaints factor heavily into mailbox providers’ filtering decisions. Not surprisingly, spam complaints also show a strong correlation to sender reputation. Senders scoring 91-100 had an average complaint rate of just 0.5%, according to Return Path’s report. By contrast, the complaint rate for senders scoring 81-90 was 3.2%, and for senders scoring 71-80 it was 4.0%—a full eight times higher than the best senders.