Highland 2.5 Released, a Mac Writing App

Jun 13, 2019


The team behind Highland 2, the Mac writing app from The Quote-Unquote Company, led by screenwriter and novelist John August, revealed its most ambitious update since the release of Highland 2 in May 2018. Highland 2.5 is loaded with new features making it a one-stop shop for your writing needs, according to the company.

The event, which counted with top Hollywood writers among its attendees, showcased new updates and templates to bring the app's screenwriting experience to all forms of writing. August presented new features that continue the app's legacy of making better tools for all writers.

Highland 2 delivers on the promises made in the app roadmap and also incorporates feature requests and feedback from its thousands of users.

Some of the most relevant new features that come with this update are:

  • Revision Mode: Track changes using different colors and stars in the margin. Colors and stars appear in the editor and are optional on your exported PDF. Revision Mode has been one of the most requested and anticipated features for Highland 2. The feature is intuitive and easy to use: just turn on Revision Mode and Highland 2 automatically tracks any changes you make, in your choice of three colors.
  • Drag-and-drop Navigator: Drag and drop scenes and sections to re-order your document in a snap.
  • Custom Themes: Go beyond Highland 2's eleven built-in themes with our new interactive theme builder. Customize your colors, then share your creation with one-click install into Highland 2.
  • Interruptible Sprints: Need to quit a Sprint before the time is up? Now you can do that without losing credit for what you've done. Your writing time and number of words written will be recorded in Recent Sprints.
  • Title Page Builder: Highland's quick and easy title page builder now works for all templates, not just screenplays.
  • New Launch Screen: Get started quickly with sample documents and easy access to video tutorials.
  • Updated Manuscript Template: Now includes all the options to create industry-standard book submissions. (This template is now available in Basic as well.)
  • Updated Cheat Sheet: We've integrated the Fountain and Markdown Cheat Sheets together to create a single reference for writers.
  • Custom alignment for document Headers and Footers: You can now override the template defaults in order to align header and footer elements to your preference.
  • What's New Window: Never miss a feature update. We'll let you know when we fix or add cool things to the app. These new features make Highland 2 the best and easiest writing app out there for all writers and their writing needs.

The new version of the app also features a refreshed user interface, including:

  • Greater consistency and clarity.
  • Integrated title bar. Your custom theme extends to the edges.
  • Full support for Mojave Dark Mode and custom highlight colors.
  • Updated Typography.

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