HighWire Partners with SendGrid and AdButler

Sep 03, 2019

Scholarly publishing technology provider, HighWire, announced it has partnered with SendGrid and AdButler to offer publishers an enhanced email alerting service. Email remains an important method of article discovery for researchers and the academic community. A recent study by Gardner & Inger showed that in 2018, two out of three of the most commonly utilized methods of article discovery were email-based (with active search at number one).

SendGrid is a provider of email deliverability and says it successfully sends over 50 billion emails each month for internet and mobile-based organizations. Through the partnership, HighWire will leverage SendGrid’s modern template design features and robust delivery service to create and send publishers’ email alerts. With advanced, real-time analytics, publishers can access rich data on their email performance and with this insight, further customize their templates to increase engagement rates.

AdButler will enable publishers to present advertisements in their email alerts. With specialized functionality for email advertising and advanced statistics, our partnership with AdButler offers HighWire customers enhanced capabilities for quick and easy management of email ad campaigns.

These new partnerships allow HighWire customers to go beyond alerting to engagement, by offering tools to customize alerts and drive readers to topics of interest to them. With integrated advanced user analytics, publishers can better understand who their readers are and exactly what they want to access. This maximizes the value researchers derive from their engagement with the content while opening up content cross-pollination opportunities for publishers and driving greater readership for authors.

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