HighWire Introduces BenchPress Unlimited

Sep 20, 2018


Manuscript Submissions are the lifeblood of scholarly publishing. Building on HighWire’s experience of supporting larger publishers with their submission and publishing workflow management, HighWire has introduced a new, simplified version for publishers with low volume and straight-forward submission processes; BenchPress Unlimited.


BenchPress Unlimited offers an alternative pricing model that removes submission-based pricing. Instead, publishers now have the option to pay a single flat rate regardless of the number of submissions received; removing barriers to growth and leaving publishers free to scale their program. BenchPress Unlimited provides priority features without overwhelming authors, editors, and reviewers with more functionality than they need.


In addition to the new pricing, as a SaaS based offering, BenchPress Unlimited is fast to implement, so publishers quickly feel the benefit of the new capability. HighWire customers are also uniquely offered the addition of direct-to-developer support, enabling customers to speak directly to the engineer who makes the change.

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