HighBeam Improves Tools, Adds Millions Of Documents

Jul 09, 2004

HighBeam Research, LLC has announced several improvements to its research engine designed to help individual researchers find, organize, and deliver answers faster and more effectively. HighBeam Research has improved its searching functionality and has added millions of documents to its eLibrary archive. While searching the HighBeam Research eLibrary archive, members can now specify a list of multiple publications to search at once and they may also exclude a list of publications from their search. Members can apply the same functionality to their email alerts, as well.

In addition to the improvements to research tools, HighBeam Research added more than 4 million documents to its eLibrary archive, which now provides access to a vast collection of 32 million articles and images from more than 2,800 newswires and newspapers; leading business, consumer and industry magazines and journals; transcripts; images; and reference sources. Since a year ago (when it offered the product separately as eLibrary.com), HighBeam Research has doubled the list of publications and added more than 18 million documents to the eLibrary archive.

Examples of the publications recently added to HighBeam Research include: Industry focused business publications such as Armor, Automotive Design & Production, On Wall Street and U.S. Banker; Niche, special-interest publications including Baseball Digest, Bowhunting and Thrasher Magazine; More than 20 scholarly journals covering a broad set of subjects such as The Journal of Cultural Geography and The Professional School Counseling Journal; Publications for topical research on current events such as Biography, Practical Homeschooling, The UN Chronicle and U.S. Department of Defense Speeches.