HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff Gets a New Deputy

Mar 18, 2014


HiSoftware Inc., a provider of compliance and security solutions, announced a new solution for managing compliance on public websites, intranets, and portals; HiSoftware Compliance Deputy. The on-demand, browser-based solution allows developers and content providers to test and repair content from any CMS for governance factors including accessibility, privacy, and site quality prior to publishing in the production environment.

Compliance Deputy allows developers and content creators to test individual pages as they are created against pre-defined checkpoints from within the browser. It leverages the checkpoints and rules designed in HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff to test page content, ensuring that only compliant content is published to live sites. On demand scan results are displayed in the browser so issues can be identified and remediated before content is published.

The scan results page highlights the exact location of errors in the HTML code and links tell users how to repair inaccessible content. Compliance Deputy is a browser-based application, making it simple to roll-out to a large number of content developers.