Hearst Magazines Digital Media Launches Five Native Advertising Products

May 28, 2013

Hearst Magazines Digital Media announced the launch of five unique solutions that integrate sponsored features across Hearst's mobile, video, and traditional online content as well as social platforms. The suite of products offers easily identified, effective, elegant solutions that work for brands and resonate with consumers.

At the core of the suite is a Native Content Module - a teaser box that integrates with the page's content theme.  Users click through to find partner-supported, contextual information on the topic of interest.

The native advertising solutions suite is comprised of five content options.

The "Developing Story" is a page that features evolving stories on a specific theme and can live on multiple sites across the network, and incorporates contextual content from an advertiser paired with a specific story.

The "Trend Collage" is a brand-specific photo grid around a topic that resembles a pinboard, which may be curated by editors or built with advertiser images. This also allows for click-to-buy transactions.

The "Video Playgroup" solution aggregates ultra-short form, themed video content into a single page, and includes videos developed by or for advertisers that can be served across multiple sites.

The "Social Live Stream" integrates selected tweets, pins, and social media posts onto a sponsored page around a theme. Marketers may also integrate social media posts from their own experts.

Finally, the "Mobile Flipbook" is an image-based mobile ad unit that highlights the top content on the site -- marketers receive placement in this unit, which drives traffic to a sponsored flipbook.