Hearst Experiments With The App Lab

Aug 24, 2010

Hearst Magazines has installed a division known as The App Lab in Hearst Tower, New York, with the aim of creating a space in which Hearst's creative team can collaborate with marketers and agency partners in order to more effectively meet consumer expectations. The App Lab initiative will begin in September with educational sessions on emerging mobile content, advertiser and agency roundtables, and consumer insight panels. In early 2011, Hearst plans to install a physical space in Hearst Tower to showcase Hearst's mobile products.

Hearst is currently responsible for the development and release of 11 magazine-branded apps, including Redbook's One Stop Shop and Cosmopolitan's Sex Position of the Day. Additionally, all of Hearst's 14 magazines are available on the iPad through the Zinio app, with dedicated magazine apps (in addition to the already-released Popular Mechanics app) expected to be released later this year.