HealthyConnect Selects InterSystems' CACHÉ for Healthcare Workflow Solutions

Nov 19, 2002

HealthyConnect has chosen CACHÉ as the database software for its browser-based knowledge management tools for departmental healthcare organizations. A healthcare database, the post-relational CACHÉ is developed and marketed by InterSystems Corporation. HealthyConnect, headquartered in Toronto, provides end-to-end solutions to the healthcare industry by delivering Web-based enterprise management tools focused on hospital workflow and information management including document management. Developed to help hospitals reduce the cost and improve accessibility to information, the HealthyConnect product family includes: WebBuild, content management for both internet and intranet systems; WebLearn, learning management solutions; and WebClinic, patient referral solutions. By offering a non-technical solution for delivering and managing data and documents, HealthyConnect intends to help organizations reduce costs where full-time, part-time, and outsourced solutions are concerned. In addition, HealthyConnect offers healthcare providers revenue opportunities through the resale of learning content through public healthcare portals and agreements with distribution partners.