Headfast Launches BooksoniX

Apr 13, 2007

Headfast, a specialist electronic publishing and software services company has announced that it will launch an online booklist management service--BooksoniX. BooksoniX is a new, online booklist management service designed to streamline the managing and disseminating bibliographic information from a title's inception through to publication and beyond. Users can add or change any information and BooksoniX can send it automatically to booksellers, distributors, information services, or any others who need data. Users can enter or upload the data once and BooksoniX will manipulate the data into the required format, for marketing purposes, a website, to send automated updates, for internal uses, or catalogue production. BooksoniX can generate printed and electronic catalogues, promotional fliers, newsletters, or other marketing materials, and provide an email or RSS alerting service to customers to tell them about new and forthcoming titles of specific interest to them.