Harry Potter Ebooks, Digital Audiobooks in Libraries

Mar 29, 2012

Harry Potter ebooks and digital audiobooks will be available in libraries beginning March 29, just two days after the much anticipated Pottermore shop finally opened. OverDrive, Inc.'s services are handling the distribution for the digital Potter swag. The ebooks are available as EPUB and Kindle editions.

at the launch of the shop earlier this week, Pottermore announced its library policy. According to The Bookseller, from Bookseller Media Ltd., libraries can loan each e-book edition as many times as there is demand, but the license will only last for five years. After a license expires libraries will need to purchase a new edition.


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In the months since Pottermore finally opened for business, e-reader enthusiasts have been buying the Harry Potter ebooks in droves. Now Kobo users can also get in on the action, but just like everyone else, they'll have to purchase the ebooks through Pottermore.