HardCore Internet Releases WCM Version 5.6

Jul 22, 2005

HardCore Internet has released version 5.6 of the HardCore Web Content Management system. The main focus is on the addition of real time Web site statistics. The new Web site statistics functionality comprises more than 40 different Web site statistics reports. The reports are designed to enable professionals to drill-down and analyze Web site traffic from various perspectives through various types of reports, including: Summary Reports, which provide a high level view of Web site activity; Content Reports, which provide a detailed insight into what Web site visitors look at; Time Analysis Reports, which reveal how the volume of visitors changes over time; Visitor Reports that detail who Web site visitors are and what each visitor is looking for; Referral Reports, which provide an overview of how visitors find the Web site; Popular Paths Reports that display how visitors typically navigate through the Web site.

The Web site statistics functionality is designed with the non-technical user in mind and is directly accessible through the menus of the Web content management system. The systems existing access control scheme is used to restrict access to the statistics functionality so that only designated Web site administrators can analyze the performance of the Web site. The database-driven HardCore Web Content Management system used by more than 400 customers is designed to provide control and simplicity to non-technical users while maintaining flexibility and power for technical users. The system runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix and Macintosh (OS X). An online trial of the new version of the HardCore Web Content Management system is available on the product site.