H.W. Wilson Launches Careers Database

Apr 01, 2010

The H.W. Wilson Company debuted Careers, a new resource for students and others considering launching or changing careers in today's tough job market. Careers offers a wide array of information on diverse careers in a single vetted source, in articles selected by H.W. Wilson editors from thousands of leading magazines and journals. Careers covers qualifications, duties and responsibilities, pay scales, application processes and future prospects for numerous jobs, ranging from lawyers to jewelers.

For each career, 15 to 20 in-depth articles are provided to offer a solid grounding, answer key questions, and examine controversies from multiple perspectives. Users can view articles in plain text, or choose PDF page images for access to any graphical content accompanying the article.

New information on each subtopic is provided through links to WilsonWeb searches. Users can also launch an automatic Google search on each subtopic with a single click direct from the WilsonWeb interface. Careers also features a "Job-Finder's Toolbox" with annotated links to more than 50 career-related websites, including many popular job-search and industry specific sites.

The company is currently offering free 30-day trials of the service. More information is available through its website.