H.W. Wilson Enhances WilsonWeb

Jan 31, 2006

H.W. Wilson has announced a new round of improvements to WilsonWeb. Improvements to WilsonWeb include: more versatile searching of the journal directory, allowing users to search the lists of periodicals covered by the WilsonWeb databases more precisely, then directly launch searches for articles in specific periodicals (or specific issues); clickable images in results lists on biography databases, where thumbnail photos let users know if images are available, and help them identify the subject of their search; more navigable results on periodicals databases; new options for emailing results, so users can include a name to identify themselves plus a note to the recipient; color page images; and a new Basic Search screen.

The WilsonWeb interface and WilsonWeb services also recently introduced the new SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information) Alert System, which sends researchers new information in daily, weekly, or monthly alerts, as the WilsonWeb databases are updated.