HTC VIVE and The Wild Collaborate with adidas to Revamp Design and Storytelling Process with Virtual Reality

Nov 01, 2019

HTC VIVE, a provider of premium virtual reality (VR), and The Wild, an immersive collaboration platform, helped adidas create a virtual retail space using the VIVE VR System to serve as an immersive testing ground for internal stakeholders, with easy to access assets and information for upcoming product launches.

With this virtual solution, adidas’s internal teams including product merchandisers, trade marketers, and salespeople now conduct work in a shared space - they develop, assess, alter, and reassess all in 3D. Storytelling and product offerings have the potential to evolve far more quickly, with a much more cost-effective review process. Sales information regarding these new initiatives is disseminated with relative ease, now that teams can explore the ideas together in a live environment.

adidas’s teams collaborated on the creation of a retail space in virtual reality, leveraging VIVE VR systems and The Wild’s software. VIVE’s system empowered adidas to create the most realistic, immersive experience possible. Its high-fidelity visuals created a true-to-life experience, with accurately portrayed designs and tangible construction elements. The Wild’s software facilitated the creation of a human-scale environment that could be explored on foot. 

Now teams can see how their ideas translate to the real world and explore functionality across a wide range of scenarios. This crucial exploration phase previously would have come much later in the original process and required costly physical mock-ups. By eliminating work silos, these teams radically increased efficiency.

adidas looked at a broken process and decided to reassess from the ground up. They knew what was at stake: If they miss the mark on product storytelling, they miss the mark on the customer experience and, by extension, satisfaction. Their new solution streamlines the collaboration process, maximizes resources, and delivers an optimal experience every time. adidas has strengthened its informational loop, cut out the back-and-forth, and created a system that catches all flaws before they reach the customer. 

With HTC VIVE and The Wild’s assistance, they have achieved their vision of working more collaboratively in a virtual creative space and eliminated the drudgery of the selling season kick-off for good.


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