HTC Gets Import Ban From ITC After Violating Apple Patents

Dec 22, 2011

The United States International Trade Commission (ITC) announced it would grant a limited import ban on certain HTC devices, siding with Apple on its allegations of patent violations. The ban will go into place automatically after April 19, 2012, although it could be stopped by presidential veto. HTC is allowed to import refurbished handsets until December 2013 in order to provide owners of the phones with necessary replacements.

Though Apple accused HTC of violating four patents, the ITC asserted that only one was violated: a patent that involves one program fetching information from within another. The HTC phones infringing on the patent likely have a convenient feature that lets users click on a phone number within an email in order to place a call, or an address on website in order to get directions.

Apple also filed a lawsuit against HTC for the same four patents in Delaware federal court, but the ITC ruling doesn't have bearing on that litigation.