HIRO Announces New Programmatic Ad Filtering Solution

Jun 21, 2016

HIRO Media, a programmatic video ecosystem, announced a new ad filtering solution designed to prevent malvertising by cleaning a publisher's ad channels in real time. HIRO's ad filtering product works on a white list approach by filtering in real-time any code object that may reach the users--for example JavaScript, Flash, and IFrame. Once the system detects an unapproved vendor, HIRO's ad filtering solution will either remove the malicious code and deliver a clean ad or reject the ad completely. Currently in the U.S., HIRO says it is serving 5% of all ads, which accounts to 2 billion ads per month.

Malvertising, a form of internet advertising used to spread malware, continues to be a problem for the industry. According to a recent Cyphort Labs report, researchers found that malvertising campaigns carried out by hackers increased over 300% in the past year. Malvertising is usually executed by hiding malicious code within relatively safe online advertisements. These ads can then lead a victim to unreliable content or directly infect a victim's computer with malware, which may damage a system, access sensitive information, or even control the computer through remote access. Most recently, publishers like the New York Times, and BBC have been hit by malicious malvertising campaigns.