HELIOS Ships WebShare

Feb 20, 2004

HELIOS Software GmbH, a provider of file, print, and prepress server solutions, is now shipping HELIOS WebShare, a secure server solution that is intended to enable users to access their file servers over the Internet. WebShare is intended to replace other file transfer methods such as FTP, VPN, ISDN, or email, and uses an intuitive Web browser interface to enable real time file uploads and downloads, document proofing, and remote file management.

HELIOS WebShare is a two-tier server application. The WebShare WebObjects server is connected to the Internet and generates dynamic HTML content pages from data provided by the WebShare File Server. When a user wants to access or manage files on the internal File Server, the WebShare WebObjects Server accepts the authorization request and forwards it to the WebShare File Server. The File Server then starts a separate process with these user access rights so the remote user can see only the files and directories for which they have file system permissions. The HTML user interface can be customized, and all actions can be added or modified using any host scripting language.

HELIOS WebShare is designed to enable authorized remote staff members and customers to transfer files to and from the File Server. Downloads are optimized using the HELIOS "zipstream" technology for on-the-fly compression and transfer. Options manage who can download, upload, move, rename, or delete files and folders. All tasks are immediately executed on the File Server, so remote users can be as productive as local users. In addition to remote file browsing, management, and transfer, HELIOS WebShare works together with HELIOS ImageServer and HELIOS PDF HandShake to provide remote previews of PDF, QuarkXPress, and InDesign documents, as well as major image formats.