Groove Offers Workspace Starter Kits

Apr 04, 2003


Groove Networks, a provider of desktop collaboration software, has announced the availability of three Starter Kits, specially packaged Groove software and services that offer online collaboration for small businesses. Starter Kit for Small Business ($1795)--ten Groove Workspace Professional Edition licenses, one two-hour Online Team Training session, and support for each license purchased; Starter Kit for Workgroups ($895)--five Groove Workspace Professional Edition licenses, five Groove Workspace Standard Edition licenses, and access to self-paced Training Bots; and Starter Kit for Teams ($795)--five Groove Workspace Professional Edition licenses and support for each license purchased. Groove software networks individual PCs into a "mobile office," allowing individuals to work together from the office, the road, or the home--online or offline--without requiring servers, networking technology, or IT support. With Windows PCs, Microsoft Office, Internet access, and a Groove Starter Kit, small businesses can communicate with text or voice, share and edit documents, conduct real-time meetings and presentations, manage projects, capture and track data using custom forms and views, and more. In addition to using Groove Workspace to improve internal teamwork, small businesses can extend Groove software licenses to partners, customers, suppliers, and contractors to strengthen relationships, increase productivity, and reduce travel and phone costs. Groove shared spaces and tools can be customized to support specific, external business processes such as customer relationship management, purchasing & procurement, sourcing, consulting service delivery, RFP development, and more.