Groove Networks And CASAHL Technology Announce Strategic Relationship

Jul 23, 2004

Groove Networks Inc. and CASAHL Technology have announced a strategic relationship focused on helping companies extend the value of their investments in existing systems. The solution, which goes into beta testing later this week, is designed to help organizations cost-effectively address the needs of mobile employees and cross-company teams who need to securely update and share data from enterprise applications and databases even when working offline or across company boundaries.

Groove Networks is a provider of secure virtual office software that allows teams of people to work together over a network as if they were in the same location; CASAHL Technology is a provider of collaborative application data exchange software. As part of the strategic relationship, CASAHL is developing a Groove "connector" for Groove Virtual Office v3.0 forms. The connector gives IT organizations and users a solution for retrieving, working with, and updating structured data from existing databases and systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) applications. Groove Virtual Office developers can currently integrate Groove forms with other back-end data sources using development tools. Using the CASAHL Groove connector, non-developers will be able to follow a wizard-like template allowing them to map and automatically synchronize a company name field in a Notes database, for example, with a similar field in a Groove form.

The Groove connector will be similar to other CASAHL ecKnowledge connectors that are cited for their ease of use since they minimize the need for low-level programming by providing a template-based approach for exchanging data between systems. In addition to moving structured data from DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server databases to and from Groove forms, the Groove connector will support access and updates to semi-structured data from collaborative applications such as Lotus Notes/Domino, Exchange public folders, Microsoft SharePoint and InfoPath. The CASAHL ecKnowledge Groove connector will be available for purchase in September; pricing has not been established. Groove Networks will resell the CASAHL Groove connector as part of an overall virtual office solution for addressing the needs of mobile employees and cross-company teams.