Grenox Software Releases MessagePal

Nov 18, 2003


Grenox Software has announced the release of MessagePal, Windows software that provides instant messaging for office workgroups. MessagePal is a P2P messaging system requiring no central server or administration. Since no messaging server is needed, MessagePal installation requires a one-minute download and installation on each user's PC. Using proprietary P2P technology, each PC will automatically find other MessagePal users on the LAN, establishing a private instant messaging network.

MessagePal's features were designed specifically for the business user. The user interface is designed for quick and efficient messaging--a single click can send a complete message or reply. Users can customize 24 replies for 1-click access ("Yes", "Take a Message", "Send them in", etc.) speeding up message responses without distracting users. Each message can be sent to one or more users, one or more specified groups, or every on-line user. All messages are encrypted and stay within the local LAN. Users can be discreetly notified a call is holding, a meeting is starting or a visitor has arrived.

MessagePal users can pick their own names, instead of cryptic usernames assigned by others. New MessagePal users are automatically added to their officemates' user lists and all users that are online are accessible, even if they are not part of a user's "buddy list." In addition, employees are prevented from sending instant messages to people outside the company. For maintenance or security, a complete log of all messages sent and received can be viewed and printed. MessagePal is available now and a free trial copy can be downloaded from Two, five, and twenty user license packs are available. Two-user packs are $39.98, 5-user packs are $79.95, and 20-user packs are $199.80. License packs can be mixed and matched on a single LAN to achieve the desired number of users.  Licenses include free updates and support.