Grapeshot and MediaMath Announce Global Integration to Meet Demand for Prebid Contextual Targeting

Oct 31, 2017

Grapeshot, the contextual prebid brand safety and predictive audience provider, has announced a global integration with technology company MediaMath to meet a growing demand from its partners. The partnership sees Grapeshot’s full suite of prebid products now available globally on the MediaMath platform.

Brand safety is top of mind for marketers today, with 78% reporting that their brand reputation has been harmed in the past by “unintended” ad placement adjacent to inappropriate content (CMO Council). Grapeshot’s solution crawls more than seven and a half billion pages at page level, offering partners the ability to identify “brand unsafe” environments before the ad is served. This helps drive reach, reduce wastage, and limit risk for the company’s 7,000+ brand clients.

Grapeshot also provides advanced predictive keyword targeting, a dynamic contextual targeting and content listening tool that offers greater scale and real-time relevance through the early identification of trending topics. And as a leading contextual, cookie-less provider, the integration of Grapeshot’s prebid products is timely given the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is set to significantly tighten up the rules around cookie-based tracking.

The Grapeshot-provided solutions available across mobile and desktop include:

  • Customized Contextual Targeting- Prebid audience qualification across 31 standard language segments and 171 customizable.   
  • Custom Keyword Blacklisting and Brand Safety— brand-customizable segments ensuring complete control and transparency at a prebid page level for maximum scale in a brand-safe environment
  • Predicts— Real-time, online content listening and dynamic contextual targeting allowing the discovery of new audiences and trending topics to deliver greater scale
  • Campaign Analytics- Keyword and line-item level, platform-agnostic insights and performance metrics