Selects PureEdge to Standardize Online Grant Submissions

Dec 19, 2003

PureEdge Solutions Inc., a provider of automation for form-based business processes, has been awarded a contract to provide secure, browser-based eforms for the egovernment initiative. With this deal, PureEdge XML eforms will be used for's grant applications. It is projected that 15,000 users will submit grants through the portal during the system's first year of operation.

The portal is part of the President's egovernment initiative and is intended to provide a single, secure, and reliable source for applying for Federal Grants online. Applicants will download and fill out forms offline, and then submit them with proper authentication. By offering an electronic means of submitting grant applications, intends to improve service delivery methods while creating internal efficiencies by streamlining processes and eliminating redundancies.

PureEdge technology is based on document-centric, XML-based architecture to provide organizations with the power to manage the lifecycle of business processes, including creation, routing, management, and archiving. With PureEdge, users will have the ability to digitally sign documents, use both ad hoc and structured routing, work remotely, move data in and out of corporate systems, and store all elements of a process in one file. This integration of PureEdge's front-end technology with's existing backend architecture is intended to create a complete content management solution.