Google Releases Personalized Toolbar

Jan 31, 2006

Google Inc. has announced the latest version of Google Toolbar and a new Google Toolbar for Enterprise. The beta versions of Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer are open and customizable, with features that enable users to customize their search experience and share information with friends. Google Toolbar was designed to make the Internet easier to use and help people find the information they are looking for. The new versions of Google Toolbar offer customizable buttons, online bookmarks, enhanced search features, sharing capabilities, and an open API. Google Toolbar for Enterprise beta also includes administration and control for business environments.

Users can personalize their Toolbar through the addition of Custom Buttons. Custom Buttons enable users to run search queries on any Web site, receive alerts, and subscribe to feeds, right from their Toolbar. Google offers users three ways to get Custom Buttons. They can create their own by right clicking the search box on any Web site and selecting "Generate Custom Search". They can install a Toolbar button offered on one of their Web sites. Or, they can select ready-made buttons from Google's Button Gallery. Currently, more than 50 buttons are available, including a variety of Custom Buttons for Web sites. The Button Gallery will display new third-party Custom Buttons as they are created. An XML API is available for content publishers to create more advanced Custom Buttons for their sites.

The new version of Google Toolbar also enables users to create, label, and manage bookmarks for their sites with a single click. Bookmarks are now saved to a user's Google Account making them accessible from any computer. Additional product enhancements include expanded search functionality that offers users query suggestions and spelling corrections as they type in the search box. Enhanced sharing capabilities allow users to send and share Web page content via Gmail, SMS, or a blog by selecting the section of page they want to share and clicking the new "Send To" button. The beta versions of Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Google Toolbar for Enterprise for Internet Explorer are currently available in English and will be offered globally in more than 16 languages by the end of the quarter. Both versions of Google Toolbar run on Windows XP and support Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher.