Google Releases DFP Video Ad Solution, Launches Small Business Version

Oct 20, 2011

After a year of beta testing, Google released its DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Video solution for advertisers, which is designed to ease ad trafficking, improve workflow, enhance scalability, and increase profitability. DFP Video is a single video-centric platform on which publishers can manage all parts of their display advertising business.

DFP Video syncs to video CMS, which provides real-time insight into video inventory. Leveraging YouTube's infrastructure for hosting and transcoding, publishers can drag and drop videos to be transcoded into outputs for iOS and Android platforms. DFP Video also helps advertisers manage syndication relationships, and lets publishers define ad rules.

Google also announced the launch of DFP Small Business Video in beta, which is supported by a partnership with Brightcove, Inc. and LongTail Ad Solutions. DFP Small Business customers will view an interface that exposes only certain video features, and can then seamlessly transition to the full-featured version of DFP Video. DFP Small Business ad serving and hosting is free, up to a certain volume of impressions.