Google News Initiative Supports Stringr to Provide News Organizations with Nationwide Coverage of the 2020 Presidential Election

Nov 26, 2019

Stringr, the premium marketplace for custom, high-quality, video content, has partnered with Google to provide news organizations with nationwide video coverage of the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Through a partnership with Google News Initiative, Stringr will supply national and local news organizations of all sizes with broadcast, digital, and raw video content to supplement their election coverage efforts. Digital publishers and networks that have signed on as launch partners include the Boston Globe, FOX Television Stations, News Press & Gazette, Lee Enterprises, and Flood Communications.

In the current media climate, media organizations do not always have the resources or flexibility to cover every story, especially with video. Stringr’s cost-effective and flexible model helps digital publishers cover this important election accurately and efficiently, coinciding with Google News Initiative’s mission to elevate quality journalism, innovate using technology and building sustainable business models.  

The types of video news packages digital publishers are receiving include:

  • Broadcast – Political packages that include a voiceover for newscast networks
  • Digital – Political packages edited specifically for digital distribution that include captions
  • Raw – Raw video assets of various events that can be edited by the organization

Stringr is supplying news organizations with one broadcast and one digital segment per day and two or more pieces of raw content depending on the number of events taking place.

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