Google Mini Integrated Solution Offers Secure Search for Businesses

Feb 02, 2007

Google Inc. has announced that the Google Mini offers search features for finding and sharing information within small businesses and departmental groups, including document and user-level security, as well as access to any business content through Google Onebox for Enterprise.

Starting at just $1995, the new Google Mini features: Secure Search, specially enhanced to support the information-sharing needs inside of small businesses and departmental workgroups, the Google Mini offers document and user-level security across all business content. Google's access control capabilities integrate with existing security systems; Google OneBox for Enterprise, the Google OneBox for Enterprise feature is designed to allow businesses to provide secure access to any information--such as contact and calendar info, HR benefits, sales leads, or purchase order status--through the Google search box; and other Site Search Improvements, designed so that site administrators can link the Google Mini search results page with Google Analytics to provide more detailed information about how people use search on their site in order to improve the overall site experience. The new Google Mini also automatically generates sitemaps, designed to allow webmasters to expose more public content for crawling and indexing by The Google Mini is offered in versions that search from 50,000 up to 300,000 documents, includes a year of support, and is available for purchase online.