Google Makes AI Accessible for Every Enterprise

Apr 16, 2019

“From the beginning, our goal has been to make AI accessible to as many businesses as possible,” says Google in a post announcing several new solutions that provide an easy way to use AI to address common business challenges.

In the post, Google outlines its newest additions all in beta now:

  • Document Understanding AI--A scalable, serverless platform to automatically classify, extract, and enrich data within your scanned or digital documents.
  • Contact Center AI--Builds on Dialogflow Enterprise Edition and provides key capabilities for your Contact Center—Virtual Agent, Agent Assist, and Topic Modeler.
  • Google Cloud for Retail-- Includes Vision Product Search (GA), Recommendations AI (beta), AutoML Tables (beta) and enables retailers to quickly take advantage of AI for retail-specific specific use cases.

Google says it hopes to level the playing field for businesses big and small and make AI available no matter what industry you're in: "As applied machine learning serves more industries, our goal is to provide more packaged solutions as well as the best-in-class AI tools you need to deploy and customize solutions to suit your business or industry."