Google Introduces DoubleClick Digital Marketing, Integrates AdMob with AdWords

Jun 11, 2012

Google has announced what it calls, "the first modern ad platform built for the modern digital world" with its new DoubleClick Digital Marketing. With this new platform, Google believes it will integrate multiple systems for online advertisers facilitating communication. Some of the new features for the upgraded DoubleClick include more responsive campaigns that can learn the channels where consumers interact, enabling a better understanding across channels and formats and a smarter creative that works with your media buy which responds in real time.

In other Google advertising news, Google has announced the integration of AdMob and AdWords. By doing this, companies will now be able to run marketing campaigns across 300,000 mobile applications by running ads on AdMob while still using the AdWords interface they already use. It will allow AdWords users to reach the growing mobile demographic without having to learn a new system making the marketing process less costly and more productive.