Google Docs Add-on for ProQuest Flow

Aug 19, 2014


ProQuest Flow, a cloud-based research management solution, has released an add-on to operate with Google Docs. The add-on expands the collaborative writing capabilities of Google Docs by integrating the document management tools of Flow during the authoring phase of research. Researchers can find, share, and annotate documents in the cloud, then author as a team in a common virtual workspace, supported by automated citations and bibliographies. The free add-on is available in the Google Add-on Store.

Launched in 2013 by the creators of RefWorks, ProQuest Flow enables students and researchers to read, annotate, organize, and cite their research, as well as collaborate with friends and colleagues by sharing collections. The Google Docs add-on integrates Flow's document management tools during writing sessions. Collaborators' document collections are accessible via a right-navigation pane within the Google Doc, making them visible while team members author papers, eliminating the need to toggle between screens, tools, and notepads. The add-on's selection of 3,000 output styles also simplifies the creation of bibliographies and citations.