Google Creates Search Plus Your World, Excludes Twitter and Facebook From Results

Jan 12, 2012

Google announced a new feature called Search plus Your World. It offers signed-in users a customized set of search results that contain personal photos and friends' activities pulled from the web, including social media sites. However, results apparently do not include material from Facebook or Twitter, although Google has always claimed to not tamper with its search results.

This sparked some back-and-forth between Google and Alex Macgillivray, Twitter's head lawyer and a former Google staffer. On Tuesday, when Search plus Your World launched, Macgillivray tweeted (via @amac): "Bad day for the Internet. [...] Having been there, I can imagine the dissension @Google to search being warped this way."

Google responded by suggesting that Twitter was to blame for the omissions by breaking off a long-running data deal between the companies. Moreover, whether Twitter and Facebook close off parts of their data streams or not, Google still has access to heaps of available public data.