Google Announces Site Search and Mini Upgrades

Jun 06, 2008

Google Inc., announced Google Site Search, a service that provides search to any website with the cloud computing. Site owners can customize Google Site Search to account for the unique nature of their site and their content. Google Site Search now offers enhanced index coverage, custom synonym dictionary, date biasing, top results biasing. Google Site Search builds on the Google Custom Search Engine by adding business integration features through an XML API, the option to turn off ads, and email and phone support.

Google also announced Google Mini has been upgraded. The Mini is now able to securely crawl and serve file shares on shared servers. Other features include Source Biasing, which enables users to give Google URL patterns and Date Biasing , which gives greater or lesser importance to newer or older documents. Google Mini has also added support for six more languages (Basque, Catalan, Galician, Greek, Hungarian, and Polish).