Google Announces Customized News

Mar 11, 2005

Google has announced a new feature on Google News that enables users to customize their front page news as they read it. When users visit Google News, they will see a box labeled "Customize this page" that offers the following features: Page customization--Users may customize the Google News front page with news sections of their choosing. They can select from nine available languages and 22 local editions of Google News from around the world. Add custom sections--Users may create their own personal section for the Google News front page by specifying keywords, preferred language, and/or categories from where to draw the stories. Newly created sections will also appear in users' left navigation bar. Section rearrangement--Users may rearrange the sections of the front page they'd like to view. Number of headlines by section selection--Users may modify the number of headlines displayed per news section. Show headlines only--Users may also select to view headlines only, without displaying the first sentence of a story or images. In addition to the "Text Version" that Google News provides, this feature may be helpful for users with non-broadband or slower Internet connections. Share customized news page--Users may share their customized news page with others by clicking on the link at the bottom of their page that reads "Share your customized news with a friend." This feature provides a URL for their current customized page. If users change their customized settings, they will receive a different URL. Google is exploring opportunities to make the Google News service available in more languages and more countries.