Google+ is Second Most Popular Social Network

Jan 28, 2013

You may be surprised to hear what the world's second most popular social network is, according to a new study from GlobalWebIndex. No, it's not Twitter, or LinkedIn, or Pinterest. Nor is it a localized, regional network. It's Google+. But Facebook still has a huge lead, with more than double to number of monthly users of its nearest competitor. GlobalWebIndex says:

"Data collected in GWI.8 (Q4 2012) demonstrates the continued shift in usage from localised social platforms to global ones with huge growth for Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. The fastest growing network in 2013 in terms of "Active Usage" (defined as "Used or contributed to in the past month") was Twitter which grew 40% to 288m across our 31 markets (approximately 90% of global internet population). 21% of the global internet population now use Twitter actively on a monthly basis. This compares to 21% actively using YouTube, 25% actively using Google+ and a staggering 51% using Facebook on a monthly basis."