Goodreads Deletes Reviews, Apologizes

Oct 08, 2013

When Amazon purchased Goodreads earlier this year, many eyebrows were raised. Would Amazon's mission to sell books compromise the quality of the Goodreads community? Well, the social network for book-lovers, has experienced its first mass exodus after Goodreads announced it would be deleting reviews based on "author behavior" rather than the quality of the book.

In an FAQ posted to clarify the new policy, Goodreads says, "In the past, if we found a review that was an ad hominem attack or an off-topic comment about a reader or author, we removed it from the community reviews section of the book page, notified the reviewer, and kept the review on the reviewer's profile. Now, these reviews will be deleted entirely from the site." After implementing the practice, Goodreads apologized to some users and pledged to send them the deleted text for their records.