GoFish Search Technology Launches Beta

Nov 30, 2004

GoFish Technologies Inc. has announced the beta launch of the GoFish Digital Media Search platform. GoFish has created a search platform that is designed to allow search engines and consumer portals to deliver targeted search results from licensed and commercially available digital media downloads including music, movies, music videos, ringtones, mobile games, and PC games. The launch of the GoFish Beta Web site displays an example of the digital media search experience that can be licensed and branded by Web search engines and portals to deliver targeted results that link to actual commercial file downloads. Searches for entertainment-oriented keywords, such as artists' names, song names, album names, and movie names, at GoFish-enabled Web search engines, will return descriptive listings for digital media downloads and direct links to download the files. GoFish expects to announce its first series of partnerships with Web search engines in the coming weeks.