GoDaddy Outages Likely a Reaction to SOPA Support

Sep 11, 2012

If you visited your favorite website yesterday and found that it was out of commission you probably have Anonymous to blame. The hacktivist group - or at least Twitter accounts believed to be associated with the group - took credit for problems with GoDaddy hosted sites. Small businesses experienced outages, and eventually GoDaddy had to take down its own site and replace it with a statement.

The outages started around 1 p.m. (ET) and the DNS attack is believed to be a response to GoDaddy's support of SOPA. Not only did the company's position raise the ire of Anonymous, but it lost it some customers as well. Opponents of SOPA removed their domains from GoDaddy in response to the company's stance.

Of course, Anonymous probably isn't winning any friends by shutting down the websites - and sometimes livelihood - of small business owners, but if its involvement is confirmed it will sure have made a point.