Go Club Releases Interactive Web Technology for Managing Member-Driven Organizations

Jan 28, 2003

Go Club has released its new Web technology designed to help associations, clubs, churches, and other membership organizations manage their events and members online. Go Club's founders worked off of the premise that most organizations' Web sites do not actually do anything and become another burden and something to keep current. Steve Dahill, David Dahill, and William Skov developed Go Club's Web-based technology to help them run the American Outdoor Adventure Network, an organization that has 1,000 members throughout Texas and runs over 100 events every month. The technology is designed so that leaders of an organization may streamline the time it takes to manage membership information, collect dues, and coordinate events. The technology provides newsletter and member management tools, dues payment functionality, and the ability to post events and accept event registrations online. The site also includes member profiles, event reminder emails, and its own messaging system so members may contact each other. Set up fees range from $0 to $150, with a sliding monthly fee scale. Go Club is marketed toward student organizations, social and recreational clubs, scout troops, church groups, schools, business associations, and other organizations.