Globys Launches Self-Optimizing Personalization Solution

May 05, 2015

Globys, a player in contextual marketing, announced the launch of Amplero, a self-optimizing personalization solution for mobile marketing campaigns powered by machine learning. According to Globys, existing personalization platforms depend on manually designed and developed rules for targeting. Marketers rely on traditional testing and optimization tools. However, with the growth in customer data, the traditional tools can't keep pace and development of targeting rules becomes a bottleneck to campaign performance.  

Amplero leverages a continuous cycle of self-designed experimentation and machine learning to automatically discover and execute the optimal experience - i.e., the experience producing the highest revenue lift - for each customer throughout the entire journey. The solution uses science-based target and control groups to rapidly test thousands of combinations of customer, experience and execution contexts and then applies a range of analytics over hundreds of variables to find targeting optimizations with statistically-valid lift.

In place of targeting rules, Amplero creates a revenue lift score for every combination of experience, customer, and execution context. As a result, the solution identifies the optimal experience for each customer and context resulting in increased targeting granularity and higher revenue per experience across all campaigns.