Globys Announces Release of Scientific Marketing Product

Jun 02, 2014

Globys, a provider of big data analytics solutions that specializes in contextual marketing, announced a major release of its Mobile Occasions solution that puts Google-like marketing experimentation and dynamic machine learning into the hands of CMOs.

Leveraging science and technology, Globys Mobile Occasions helps marketing teams worldwide understand and dynamically act upon customer behaviors, intentions, and motivations at the right time with the right communications. An out-of-the-box technology solution that's delivered as a managed service, Mobile Occasions applies automated machine learning to continually optimize marketing efforts leading to superior marketing performance. 

Creating a virtuous cycle through integration of three core capabilities means that marketers can rely on technology that leverages scientific methodologies to uncover unique behavioral insights and automatically tests, adapts, and scales context-based marketing treatments based upon dynamic behavior.

In contrast to traditional A/B testing, the Globys system continues to launch new experiments executed across behaviors, offers, messages, contexts, etc. to determine, for example, which tests matter for driving a specific behavior or action, which attributes matter for which tests, new signals that are effective, or which marketing treatments no longer perform.