GlobalWebIndex and Publicis Media Shine Light on Hispanic Audiences

Mar 22, 2018


A new dataset made public by GlobalWebIndex, in partnership with Publicis Media, sets out to improve advertiser, publisher, and agency understanding around the online behaviors, cultural preferences, and linguistic choices of Hispanic Americans, who currently comprise 18% of the US population.

This new data expands on GlobalWebIndex’s current platform, offering a deeper and wider breadth of information about Hispanic audiences to help detail consumer profiles and highlight the cultural nuances of an important and often overlooked population segment. Insights include:

  • 60% of Hispanics say that authenticity is one of the qualities they find most appealing in a brand. This peaks among English-first Hispanics.
  • 56% of online Hispanics are Spanish-first or bilingual at home but 78% say they prefer to use their tech devices in English.
  • Spanish-first Hispanics are 3x as likely as English-first Hispanics to feel a connection to their Hispanic heritage via the sports they follow and the TV/movies they watch.
  • Hispanics average three hours online via mobile per day, as opposed to less than two hours (1:55) for non-Hispanics.
  • 80% of Hispanics use Netflix to watch or download TV shows, films, and video content with Bilingual Hispanics scoring the highest figures.
  • Only 24% of Hispanics believe the US economy will improve over the next six months. In contrast, 50% think their personal finances will improve over the same period (compared to 43% of non-Hispanics).
  • Spanish-first Hispanics lead WhatsApp usage with the most visits within the past month (60%), compared to only 16.7% of all Americans in the same time period.
  • 61% of Hispanics say they sometimes use Spanglish (words that are a combination of Spanish and English).

Looking ahead, Publicis Media is collaborating with GlobalWebIndex to develop improved multicultural data specifically for African-American and Asian audiences.