Global Graphics Enhances PDF Creator

Oct 28, 2005

Global Graphics, a technology provider for open document and print solutions, has announced it has enhanced some of the features for Jaws PDF Creator Version 4.0. New features in Jaws PDF Creator Version 4.0 include the ability to produce files that are fully compliant with the PDF 1.5 specification and upgraded Microsoft Office Macro capabilities from Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Those using Jaws PDF Creator for pre-press and print production gain PDF creation settings that comply with Version 3 (2005) of the Ghent PDF Workgroup profiles.

Jaws PDF Creator v.4.0 builds on the full range of features previously available, including the use of 128 bit encryption for high-level security, fast Web downloads, and accurate color handling. Jaws PDF Creator lets users 'print' to a PDF file, or, convert PostScript or EPS files directly to PDF by drag-and-drop to the Jaws PDF Creator icon on the desktop. 'One click' PDF creation is available to Windows users from Macros that install automatically in Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Jaws PDF Creator v.4.0 brings enhancements to the Macros for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to include configurable document water marking, page cropping, and, in PowerPoint, support for PDF page transitions.

Global Graphics provides a range of pre-press plug-ins so that users can create or validate specific types of PDF files that conform to industry standards or specifications. Configurations necessary to create PDF files to match the Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG) Version 2 (2004) and Version 3 (2005) profiles are now a part of Jaws PDF Creator v.4.0. Users can customize their settings by selecting which configurations they wish to import, and then, when generating the PDF file, they select the profile they need for the job.

Other features include: Fast Web download--allows files created by Jaws PDF Creator to open when downloaded from the Web due to a linearization feature. The first page of the document is displayed immediately, while the rest of the file continues to download at speed behind it; and Color accuracy in PDF files--allows for high-resolution printing as Jaws PDF Creator can distill files containing device-independent CIE-based colors that are all stored within the Jaws PDF file. The software also contains font embedding and image compression capabilities. Jaws PDF Creator v.4.0 is compatible with the PDF 1.5, PDF 1.4 and PDF 1.3 specifications and runs on Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP, 2000 Server, 2003 Server, 2003 Server running Windows Terminal Services, Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server running on Windows 2003 Server, and Mac OS X. Jaws PDF Creator v.4.0 is available immediately and costs $84 (£47/Euro 69). Existing Jaws PDF Creator registered users can upgrade to v.4.0 for $44 (£24/ Euro 36).