Global Consumers Rank Digital Leadership of Mobile Operators Higher than Spotify, eBay, and Uber

Sep 10, 2019

New and exclusive research commissioned by Openet validates the significant progress made by the global mobile operator community in transforming to become digital service providers. The study, completed by Sapio Research, gauges the perceptions of global consumers in five different countries, uncovering several welcome findings for operators, including:

  • Mobile operators are held in higher digital regard by consumers than Spotify, eBay, and Uber (only Google, Amazon, Netflix and Apple are respected more for their digital leadership)
  • More than two thirds (70%) of consumers believe their mobile operator to be “digital-first.”
  • Nearly three quarters (73%) of consumers said they would be receptive to greater digital service choice from their mobile operator, while acknowledging the significance of digital service innovation when selecting or choosing to stay with their operator


Additional, significant findings from the study include: 

Telcos: no longer digital also-rans

  • Mobile operators have surprisingly high levels of digital engagement and interaction with their customers – 32% of global consumers digitally interact with their operators daily
  • The telecommunications sector was ranked 4th in terms of overall industry digital leadership (beaten only by technology, financial services and retail sectors)


Global consumers want more

  • While more than half (52%) consider their operators to provide a utility, almost a third (31%) view them as digital facilitators capable of effectively engaging with them to change this mindset.
  • 73% consumers want more digital services from their operators, 69% want more digital innovation. This suggests a strong willingness, amongst consumers, for operators to succeed in winning more digital market share. Interestingly, consumers rate an operator’s speed of operation as the most valuable trait of a ‘digital first’ organization, demonstrating the importance of fast time to market when deploying new services and offers.


Exciting times ahead for the digital telco

  • 65% of global consumers would feel more engaged with their mobile operator if it offered more digital services, 79% would feel more loyal (as high as 85% in the 18-24 demographic)
  • 64% stressed the importance of digital partnerships in ensuring they remain with an operator which stresses the importance of relevance and choice

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