Glam Media Launches Glam Wellness Vertical

Jul 29, 2008

Glam Media, Inc., a media company and provider of network verticals, announced the launch of Glam Wellness, a new vertical encompassing mind-body- spirit, empowerment, and a healthy planet. More than 20 Web sites and publishers have joined the Wellness vertical, within the Glam Publisher Network of 640 sites, where Glam Media will represent their premium ad inventory. In addition, Natural Solutions Magazine and Earth Pledge, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting sustainable practices, both joined as content partners on the Glam Wellness channel on Sites joining the Glam Publisher Network include:; Conscious Living TV; EcoFabulous; EatingWell; Lifescript; Low Impact Living; Spaparazzi and others. Glam Wellness is the most recent channel to launch in the Glam Media vertical content network.