Gladinet Introduces File Sync with Major Cloud Storage Services

Feb 08, 2011

With continued focus on its role as an industry-leading provider of cloud storage access solutions, Gladinet has released Cloud Desktop 3.0 with file sync, significant enhancements in usability, and performance.

Cloud Desktop now adds file synchronization across multiple PCs by leveraging any cloud storage service. It adds file sync with Google Docs, Amazon S3, AT&T Synaptic Storage, OpenStack, Mezeo, EMC Atmos, Windows Azure, and others.

In addition, Cloud Desktop 3.0 also includes enhancements for its backup capabilities. With the new snapshot backup, multiple versions of full or incremental backups may be stored. This gives the flexibility to restore from any previous version instead of being limited to the latest mirrored copy. Storing incremental snapshots provides this flexibility while minimizing the additional space requirements.