GigaTrust Connects Microsoft Rights Management Services to CA DLP

Mar 24, 2011

GigaTrust, a provider of enterprise rights management (ERM) content protection software solutions for Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services, is announcing the release of its DLP Protector for CA DLP. The GigaTrust Protector for CA DLP identifies and controls sensitive data while in storage, transmission, and use. It can determine what data needs to be controlled, prompting users to select digital rights to be applied when attempting to send sensitive data via email inside and outside the organization. It also identifies and moves stored sensitive data to designated repositories in order to have rights management policies applied automatically.

Rights can be based on established predefined corporate templates that govern file permissions. GigaTrust also supports the GigaTrust Connector for CA SiteMinder, a server-based solution that lets CA SiteMinder-authenticated users obtain RMS credentials and fully participate in Rights Management activities. Access to RMS-protected content is managed by the CA SiteMinder Policy Server by making the RMS server CA SiteMinder Web Agent aware.