GiardGroup Introduces User-Experience (UX) Analysis

Jul 23, 2013


GiardGroup Inc. introduced a competitive ux analysis that aims to provide value, be less intrusive than typical UX processes, and be reasonably priced. The UX Competitive analysis delivers information about the website's functionality and content that may not have been previously considered. It also helps users discover what is working well for the competition, as well as what is commonly being offered via the Web.

The resulting report also allows users to fast-track website development through new design ideas, and helps organizations fine-tune web strategies by knowing what the unique strengths are and helping to develop a strong synergy between the user's experience and branding. Discover competitor shortcomings as well as pitfalls to be avoided, while strengths become discussion points and improvement possibilities.

Another component of the Competitive UX Analysis service is the heuristic and objective approach to evaluating the user experience divided into Content, Function, Usability and Branding components.