Get Smart Content Launches Oracle Marketing AppCloud Application

Jul 02, 2015

Get Smart Content, a website segmentation and targeting platform, announced that it has launched a Smart Content application now available in the Oracle Marketing AppCloud. This new Smart Content application helps marketers achieve personalization throughout the B2B buyer's journey using Oracle Marketing Cloud technologies.

The Oracle Marketing Cloud aims to provide chief marketing officers (CMOs) and their teams with data-driven solutions to simplify marketing resources and deliver more personalized customer-centric experiences across every channel to attract and retain ideal customers.

With the Oracle Data Management Platform, enterprise business marketers are able to discover new audiences through a variety of third-party behavioral, firmographic, and demographic data. Smart Content connects this data to other referral and on-site data collected about a visitor to enable more personalized experiences on the website as well as provide additional targeting opportunities through acquisition activities, like display advertising.

Once on the website, Smart Content uses patented technology to serve personalized, dynamic content that starts to build a 1:1 relationship with visitors. By effectively motivating a visitor to complete a form, brands can turn that anonymous visitor into a known lead, and key behavioral and demographic data can be passed to a customer relationship management (CRM) or marketing automation database.

Once leads are identified, Oracle Marketing Cloud customers can use Oracle B2B Cross-Channel Marketing to efficiently nurture those leads and move them toward a conversion. With Smart Content, personalization can extend beyond targeted emails. As leads click through from a targeted email to the brand website, their personalized experience can continue throughout their final stages of research and consideration.